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Creek Boys 1-2 on Indee’s mat

Nate Beckman wins twice for CCA in quad meet

INDEPENDENCE– The Clear Creek Amana (CCA) wrestlers traveled to Independence on Thursday, Jan. 16, for a quad meet with the host Mustangs, Waterloo East, and Beckman Catholic, from Dyersville, and ended the night 1-2.
The Creek Boys knocked off the Trojans of Waterloo East, 54-24, in a 10-forfeit match. Jayden Massey picked up a win at 120 pounds by pinning East’s Ryan Strong in 1:39.
The Mustangs, No. 3 in Class 2A, stampeded past the Clippers, 67-6, with Bela Upchurch and Nate Beckman putting up wins for CCA. Upchurch took a 5-4 decision from Tyler Trumblee at 145 pounds, while Beckman won a 5-2 decision over Mitch Johnson at 152.
Beckman’s Blazers took the Clippers down, 49-21, with Nate Beckman picking up his second win of the night with a 1-0 decision over Conner Grover, while Kael Scranton pinned Beckman’s Adam Schmit in 1:45 in the 132-pound match.
The Creek Boys went 9-7 in junior varsity matches, with Reece Hoffman, Nick Johnson and Gavin Roters going 2-0 on the night.
CCA hosts Central DeWitt in a dual meet on Thursday, Jan. 23, starting at 6:30 p.m., and competes in City High’s Clyde Bean Dual Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 25, starting at 9 a.m. On Thursday, Jan. 30, the Clippers visit Mount Vernon for a 6:30 p.m. dual with the Mustangs ahead of the WaMaC Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 1, at West Delaware High School, in Manchester.

Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 54, Waterloo East (WAEA) 24
182: Mark Cabrera (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Tyler Steines (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 285: Tyler Wulfenkuhle (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 106: Beck Arant (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 113: William Black (WAEA) over (CCA) (For.) 120: Jayden Massey (CCA) over Ryan Strong (WAEA) (Fall 1:39) 126: Max Carlson (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 132: Kael Scranton (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 138: Adrian Doyle (WAEA) over Cash Jensen (CCA) (Fall 1:46) 145: Bela Upchurch (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 152: Nate Beckman (CCA) over (WAEA) (For.) 160: Eli Sallis (WAEA) over Brett Lund (CCA) (Fall 4:55) 170: Matthew Cary (WAEA) over Kalvin Mendieta (CCA) (Fall 0:43)
Independence (INDE) 67, Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 6
195: Korver Hupke (INDE) over (CCA) (For.) 220: Christian Kremer (INDE) over Tyler Steines (CCA) (Fall 0:33) 285: Dylan Reuther (INDE) over Tyler Wulfenkuhle (CCA) (Fall 0:17) 106: Kale Wieland (INDE) over Beck Arant (CCA) (Fall 5:02) 113: Ryan Eddy (INDE) over (CCA) (For.) 120: Carter Straw (INDE) over Jayden Massey (CCA) (Dec 6-0) 126: Dalton Hoover (INDE) over (CCA) (For.) 132: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Kael Scranton (CCA) (MD 9-0) 138: Caden Larson (INDE) over Cash Jensen (CCA) (Fall 1:39) 145: Bela Upchurch (CCA) over Tyler Trumblee (INDE) (Dec 5-4) 152: Nate Beckman (CCA) over Mitch Johnson (INDE) (Dec 5-2) 160: Matthew Doyle (INDE) over Brett Lund (CCA) (Fall 1:30) 170: Cole Davis (INDE) over Kalvin Mendieta (CCA) (Fall 0:41) 182: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over (CCA) (For.)
Beckman Catholic (BECK) 49, Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 21
120: Tyler Steines (CCA) over (BECK) (For.) 285: Tyler Wulfenkuhle (CCA) over (BECK) (For.) 106: Nick Schmidt (BECK) over Beck Arant (CCA) (Fall 0:46) 113: Alex Hageman (BECK) over (CCA) (For.) 120: Danil Wall (BECK) over Jayden Massey (CCA) (Dec 7-3) 126: Levi Feldman (BECK) over Max Carlson (CCA) (Fall 1:13) 132: Kael Scranton (CCA) over Adam Schmit (BECK) (Fall 1:45) 138: Nick Hageman (BECK) over Cash Jensen (CCA) (Fall 1:30) 145: Mason Recker (BECK) over Bela Upchurch (CCA) (Fall 0:58) 152: Nate Beckman (CCA) over Conner Grover (BECK) (Dec 1-0) 160: Nick Wulfekuhle (BECK) over Brett Lund (CCA) (MD 9-0) 170: Ty Fangman (BECK) over Kalvin Mendieta (CCA) (Fall 1:02) 182: Evan Wulfekuhle (BECK) over (CCA) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit