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The Foxosphere John


As I write this I’m watching a YouTube video of a “breaking news” report by Fox Business that propelled a Clive businessman into the national news.
It was Sept. 29, 2010, Obama was stumping for the mid-term elections, just five weeks away.
Long time Democratic Senator Tom Harkin retired, and there was a close race to determine whether his replacement should be Bruce Braley or Joni Ernst.
Obama was drumming up support for a tax increase on the wealthy. The audience was supposed to be friendly and the scene couldn’t have been any more bucolic.
Pumpkins, piled high against a thick tree trunk, glistened by the rays of the setting sun in the background as the president took questions from the small audience sitting on folding chairs in the all-Iowa back yard.
David Greenspon, owner of Competitive Edge, an Advertising Specialty Manufacturing Company, got his chance to speak. His demeanor was polite and his talk direct.
It’s hard to say exactly how long he talked because the clip is obviously edited, but he rambles for at least a full minute pointing out making $250,000 a year really is not much, and wealth isn’t all it appears to be because money is trapped up in buildings, inventory, accounts receivable, bad debts and tax withholding.
Then he does a homily of the virtues of small business.
Finally, he talks about how his business connections in China are always puzzled by American politics and mentions he happens to have a list of questions given to him by Chinese businessmen, in the event he ever gets to talk to the president.
As he recites the first question about Chinese monetary policy Obama cuts him off.
“We’re getting pretty far afield,” Obama interjects, and offers to address his concerns about taxes, tossing out perhaps they could discuss Chinese currency problems later.
Fox Business News pounced on it. Within moments “BREAKING NEWS,” teasers began flashing, “Obama Cuts Off Small Business Owner’s Question!”
Before the segment is shown, a bright graphic reading “Taxed to Death” flashes on the screen. Foxosphere goes atwitter with the name Greenspon for the next 48 hours.
Beheadings get less spin.
Soon enough the issue fades, but life goes on in Iowa.
Greenspon is named in 2011, by Gov. Terry Branstad, the vice chair of the Iowa Finance Authority board, a branch of state government that works on housing and homelessness issues. His wife Tali Greenspon is elected to the West Des Moines School Board. Together, they live in a McMansion acreage.
Where I come from what Greenspon did is called poor-mouthing. Even though his “small company” has more than 100 employees, Greenspon claims that he isn’t making a penny in profit because he puts all his money back into the business.
Horse hockey, get on the Internet and look at his house.
But it doesn’t end there, Fox returns for an interview in 2012 to discuss the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, Greenspon talked about his own integrity and endorsed Mitt Romney. Again, he poor-mouthed about how he doesn’t make a penny because he plows all profits back into the business.
As it turns out, Greenspon does make enough money for a little discretionary spending, he was hauled in for soliciting prostitution recently. As reported in the Des Moines Register, the Polk County Sheriff and Des Moines Police arrested him, and at least 20 others, in a sting. Besides Greenspon, a Dallas Center (Pop. 1,755) councilman and a sports reporter for the Des Moines Register were also arrested.
At least he wasn’t shooting lions.
Guess he wanted to plow his money into something else besides T-shirts.