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Friends of St. Bridget’s invites community to engage online

SOLON– The volunteer-run, non-profit group Friends of St. Bridget’s is excited to invite the community to engage online. The non-profit has launched a brand new website, along with a new Facebook page and email list.
The historic St. Bridget’s Church, the Nolan Settlement, is located at 2136 St. Bridget’s Rd. NE in Solon, which is 13 miles northeast of Iowa City, nine miles north of West Branch, and nine miles east of Solon.
The country, catholic church was built in 1894 and operated until March 28, 1996, when Bishop William E. Franklin, of Davenport, announced the closing of St. Bridget’s along with four other parishes. St. Bridget’s had about 45 families active when the closing of the church was announced in March of that year.
The non-profit “Friends of St. Bridget’s” was formed in 1996 to save the historic church for future generations to be able to come back to their roots and heritage, and to honor those who worked so hard to build the church. The Friends of St. Bridget’s helps preserve the historic church along with preserving the history and the community based around the church.
Friends of St. Bridget’s hosts an annual Memorial Day mass and open house along with an annual Christmas Party and open house at the church. The historic church is rented multiple times a year by couples for their perfect country church wedding. The church also has exceptional acoustics and has been rented by many musicians for recording sessions.
“Volunteers clean and maintain the church and grounds including the cemetery throughout the year,” stated Marie O’Donnell, a long-time board member of Friends of St. Bridget’s. “Volunteers also help support the organization financially for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the historic church.”
With over 100 years of operation, there are thousands of families and individuals throughout the country that have ties back to this historic church.
Friends of St. Bridget’s volunteer Alex Nerad hopes to increase engagement within the St. Bridget’s community with the new online presence, “With so much history surrounding St. Bridget’s we hope that by using technology we can better capture stories and connect people around the country that have ties back to this community,” Nerad said.
For more information and to get involved, visit www.friendsofstbridgets.org and join the online mailing list. Community members are also invited to like the Friends of St. Bridget’s Facebook page and invite their friends and family members to do so as well.