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Hawk Talk

Prime Time (PT) basketball started big time in North Liberty last week as a packed house came out to watch five of the six new Hawkeyes play.
The first game had Adam Woodbury and Jarrod Uthoff on one team with Mike Gisell and Kyle Meyer on the other.
Adam, a seven footer, was one of the top recruits in the nation while Jarrod, who played basketball in Cedar Rapids, picked Wisconsin, redshirted last year, is transferring to Iowa and has to sit out a year as a Hawkeye.
Jarrod played in Prime Time after his junior year in high school and liked the experience.
“It was really fun,” said Jarrod who had 13 points and 13 rebounds in his first game last week. “I really enjoyed the competition and the atmosphere that it brought.”
Jarrod only scored two points in the first half but looked more comfortable in the second half. He is long, can run the court and will mix it up inside.
Jarrod can also shoot from the outside and is a solid board man.
Adam struggled a little, but then again he played against Jarryd Cole, who is playing pro basketball overseas, and there was a lot of pushing and shoving underneath the basket. That is a good test for Adam, who will be facing that kind of physical play in the Big Ten.
Adam is looking forward to playing with his talented teammates this fall and not be double-teamed as much like he was in high school.
“We’ve got a lot of weapons on our team,” said Adam, who had eight rebounds, three assists and scored three points in his first game last week. “It’s going to be fun to play against just one guy. It’s going to be a different game, a different speed of the game and I’m excited to get out there and see what I can do.”
Adam, who grew up a Hawkeye fan, is looking forward to playing in Carver-Hawkeye Arena in front of the Iowa fans.
“It gives me chills,” said Adam. “I’m excited. Carver keeps improving, the fans are always there and the excitement’s back.”
Adam thinks practice will be very competitive.
“We’ve got a lot of versatile guys that can play multiple positions,” said Adam. “That’s what the coach is looking for, an up-tempo system, running. I think he (coach McCaffery) has what he needs, his weapons, to put in his system and we’ll see what happens.”
Mike Gisell was one of the top point guards to come out of the Midwest and he showed Iowa fans why. He scored 27 points including 5-6 from 3-point land, dished out five assists and helped bring his team back from being down 58-43 to a two point game before losing 93-89.
Mike has a chance to start at the point and knows he is surrounded by good talent.
“Just building that chemistry with them this summer is going to be a lot of fun and getting to play with them, they are all great players,” said Mike. “I’m just looking forward to getting to play at the next level. Every time I step on the floor it’s a joy, especially getting to play with these great players. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”
Mike and Adam have played together for the last three summers which should help them when they play together in Iowa’s system.
“It will help a lot,” said Mike. “I’ve played against him many times too, so we definitely know each other’s game. I think we play very well together and that will help a lot.”
Mike is also excited about running out in Carver for his first game.
“I think about it all the time,” said Mike. “I get butterflies every time I think about it. I just can’t wait for it and that’s why I work for every day.”
Kyle Meyer has a leg injury so he didn’t play much in the first PT game.
Kyle is listed at 6 feet-9 inches, 220 pounds but looks a little bigger and has a Big Ten-type body.
“It was a lot of fun,” Kyle said about his Prime Time debut. “It was a big crowd and a lot of excitement. Everyone’s real hyped about it. A lot of people here.”
I think Hawk fans will also be excited when they seen Anthony Clemmons play.
Anthony is listed at 6 feet, 1 inch, 185 pounds but is built like a defensive back. He can play the point, the shooting guard and has good speed.
Anthony is also a good defender. He went up against Ali Farokhmanesh, the former UNI great who has been playing overseas, and helped limit Ali to 13 points.
Ali was 3-6 from the floor and 2-8 from 3-point range. Anthony was fighting through screens and getting in Ali’s grill most of the game.
Zach McCabe, who will be a junior this fall, likes what he sees with the new kids.
“They’re doing a great job,” said Zach, who scored 29 in his first PT game including 7-10 from 3-point range. “It’s not easy coming in just like this with a bunch of people out there but I thought they all played well. Adam is going to battle guys like Jarryd, and Mike did really well with his pull-up jumpers and getting to the rim and looking for extra guys. All of those guys have stuff to work on and we’re all pretty excited that they are coming in.”
More talent, more depth and only one senior in Eric May.
The future looks good for the Hawkeyes.