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New faces will represent Solon in 2012

SOLON- Iowa’s Senate and House districts have been redrawn to reflect population shifts recorded in the 2010 census. Created by Iowa Legislative Services, the map of new districts will bring several changes to the political landscape in upcoming elections.
At the federal level, U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack has decided to move after his home, and the rest of Linn County, was placed in the First Congressional District. Loebsack, a Democrat, will move from Mt. Vernon to Johnson County into the new Second Congressional District. Due to Iowa’s slow rate of population growth, the state will lose one U.S. congressional representative in Washington, D.C.
At the state level, Senate and House districts will bring new faces to north Johnson County voters.
Those voting in Solon in 2012 should commit these numbers to memory: 73/37. That’s House District 73 and Senate District 37 for Solon-area voters. Both of the newly-laid lines include Solon, the northeast quadrant of Johnson County, all of Cedar County, and the Muscatine County town of Wilton.
With a population of 2,839, Wilton is the southernmost point in House District 73; the only part in Muscatine County; and the home of State Rep. Jeff Kaufmann (R-Wilton). Kaufmann is one of only seven state representatives who voted against the new district maps.
On the old map, Kaufmann represents Johnson County’s Scott and Lincoln Townships. On the 2012 map Kaufmann will shed Lincoln Township but keep Scott Township, just south of-I-80.
Kaufmann lost the rest of northern Muscatine County in the redistricting, and will face an early challenger for his seat, West Branch Democrat David Johnson.
Johnson said he’s running to address issues at the state level including; “funding for education, protecting the collective bargaining rights of Iowa’s working men and women, ending corporate welfare, and utility regulation reform.”
Kaufmann currently serves as the Speaker Pro-Tempore of the Iowa House.
House District. 73 and Senate District 37 are almost identical outlines, save for the cut-out of Iowa City’s House District 74, which borders the Iowa River.
In the newly-drawn Senate 37, Bob Dvorsky (D-Coralville) won’t face a vote until 2014.
The rest of Johnson County outlying voters (including Swisher, Shueyville, North Liberty, Tiffin, and southern and southwestern Johnson County) were redrawn into House 77.
Iowa City will be carved into House 85 and 86. Coralville, University Heights and another part of Iowa City will become House 74.