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NL council approves increased salaries for FY15

NORTH LIBERTY– North Liberty city employees will receive more in their paychecks beginning this month.
The city council approved a new salary schedule for fiscal year 2015 at its June 24 meeting. The authorization includes a 2.75 percent cost-of-living adjustment, plus 2.45 percent step increase for eligible employees. Salaries for the city’s police officers– North Liberty’s only unionized department– are negotiated through a collective bargaining unit, and also include a 2.75 percent cost-of-living adjustment and a step increase for eligible officers.
The two highest-paid position are those of City Administrator Ryan Heiar and City Attorney Scott Peterson, each at a monthly salary of $10,535, or $126,420 per year plus health and insurance benefits. Police Chief Diane Venenga is the next highest-paid employee, at $96,824 per year. Assistant City Administrator Tracey Mulcahey is paid $85,321 annually, while Human Resources Director Deb Hilton earns $76,232 per year. Streets, parks, recreation, wastewater and water department directors Don Colony, Guy Goldsmith, Shelly Simpson, Dave Ramsey and Greg Metternach, as well as Planning Director Dean Wheatley and Building Official Tom Palmer, each receive a monthly salary of $6831, or $81,972 per year. Library Director Jennie Garner is paid $73,112 per year, while Communications Director Nick Bergus’s annual pay is $68,369. Aquatics Supervisor Katie Gerot earns $54,912 annual in her supervisory position. Fire Chief Eric Vandewater receives a $1,225 bi-weekly salary, or $31,865 per year.
The City of North Liberty employs a total of 147 employees, which includes 63 permanent part-time positions, nine seasonal workers in the parks department and 11 part-time employees in the aquatics department.
The new fiscal year’s cost-of-living adjustment is an increase over last year’s of just 2 percent, but the step increase is the same at 2.45 percent.
The increases went into effect Tuesday, July 1. The new salaries for all full-time employees and most part-time employees– excluding seasonal staff and part-time recreation counselors– are as follows:


Venenga, Diane: Interim Police Chief, $8,068.67 Monthly.
Olson, Adam: Police Sergeant, $33.16 Hourly.
Landsgard, Tyson: Police Sergeant, $33.16 Hourly.
Regenwether, Creighton: Police Officer, $31.48 Hourly.
Shine, Chris: Police Sergeant, $30.86 Hourly.
Ruffcorn, Alisha: Administrative Assistant, $17.81 Hourly.
Gavin, Tim: Police Officer, $27.27 Hourly.
Tygart, Chuck: Police Officer, $29.27 Hourly.
Rockafellow, Ryan: Police Officer, $26.26 Hourly.
Santiago, Juan: Police Officer, $24.25 Hourly.
Seymour, Mitch: Police Officer DTF, $25.26 Hourly.
Bowstead, Lee: Police Officer, $25.26 Hourly.
Miller, Joel: Police Officer, $23.25 Hourly.
Jennings, Andy: Police Officer, $23.25 Hourly.
Jacobsen, Cody: Police Officer, $23.25 Hourly.
Clubb, Travis: Police Officer, $22.26 Hourly.
Ross, Ruben: Police Officer, $22.26 Hourly.
Davis, Bryan: Police Officer, $21.26 Hourly.
Wood, Casey: Police Officer, $19.13 Hourly.
Sammons, Scott: Police Officer, $17.01 Hourly.


Vandewater, Eric: Fire Chief, $1,225.60 Bi-Weekly .
Hardin, Bryan: Assistant Fire Chief, $1,031.20 Bi-Weekly.
Schmooke, Bill: Recruitment/Retention Coordinator, $983.20 Bi-Weekly.


Palmer, Thomas: Building Official, $6,831.07 Monthly.
Christensen, Jerald: Building Inspector I, $26.30 Hourly.
Shay, Brian: Building Inspector I, $22.66 Hourly.
Minor, William: Construction Inspector, $26.27 Hourly.
Yoder, Benjamin: Rental Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, $20.14 Hourly.
Conklin, Trudy: Administrative Assistant, $20.00 Hourly.


Garner, Jennifer: Library Director, $6,092.67 Monthly.
Jordebrek, Jennifer: Asst. Library Director, $4,674.80 Monthly
Lubben, Janet: Tech Services Librarian, $23.70 Hourly.
Hayes, Elaine: Adult Services Librarian, $24.23 Hourly.
Frisbie, Andrew: Youth/Teen Librarian, $22.13 Hourly.
Harrison, Melanie: Youth/Teen Librarian, $21.62 Hourly.
O’Sheridan-Tabor, Emily: Circulation, $17.84 Hourly.
Kuhl, Laura: Assistant Adult Librarian P/T $17.84 Hourly.
Coleman, Latisha: Library Asst. Part-Time, $11.06 Hourly.
Schneider, Erik: Library Page, $10 Hourly.
Corso, Mary: Library Page-Fill-In, $7.85 Hourly.


Goldsmith, Guy: Director Parks, Buildings, Grounds, $6,831.07 Monthly.
Hamer, Timothy :Assistant Director Parks, Buildings, Grounds, $26.40 Hourly.
Halstead, William: Parks Maintenance Worker III, $24.23 Hourly.
Hamer, Brian: Parks Maintenance Worker III, $22.13 Hourly.


Simpson, Michelle: Recreation Director, $3,152.80 Bi-Weekly.
Motley, Brian: Assistant Recreation Director, $2,586.40 Bi-Weekly.
Fielder, Matthew: Youth Program Supervisor, $5,016.27 Monthly.
Meseck, Matthew: PM Recreation Supervisor, $4,062.93 Monthly.
Huisman, Kyle: Site Supervisor/Concession Manager, $3,329.73 Monthly.
Egly, Jason: Administrative Assistant, $17.45 Hourly.
Leonard, Dale: Custodial Supervisor, $25.25 Hourly.
Conklin, Jerry: Custodian, $17.71 Hourly.
Gobush, Trevor: Custodian Part-Time, $11.59 Hourly.
Woods, Brittani: Head Counselor Part-Time, $13.37 Hourly.
Heldt, Scott: Head Counselor Part-Time, $12.75 Hourly.


Gerot, Katie Aquatic Supervisor, $4,576 Monthly.


Wheatley, Arthur: Planning Director, $6,831.07 Monthly.


Heiar, Ryan: Administrator, $10,535.03 Monthly.
Peterson, Scott: Attorney, $10,535.03 Monthly.
Mulcahey, Tracey: Clerk/Asst. City Admin., $7,110.13 Monthly.
Hilton, Debra: Human Resource Director, $6,352.67 Monthly.
Byers, Mary: Deputy City Clerk, $29.10 Hourly.
Dykstra, Jacqueline: Administrative Assistant, $25.17 Hourly.
Harris, Jackie: HR / Legal Assistant, $21.49 Hourly.
Helm, Kellie: Administrative Assistant, $16.30 Hourly.


Bergus, Nicholas: Communications Director, $5,697.47 Monthly.
Harper, Erika: Communications Coordinator, $4,260.53 Monthly.
Erbe, Christina: Communications Specialist, $20.46 Hourly.


Colony, Donald: Street Superintendent, $6,831.07 Monthly.
Lange, Daniel: Assistant Street Superintendent, $27.01 Hourly.
Bowman, Nicholas: Laborer III, $20.62 Hourly.
Murray, Justin: Locate Laborer III, $19.66 Hourly
Kinney, Steven: Laborer I, $18.17 Hourly.
Schmidt, Matthew: Laborer I, $18.17 Hourly.


Metternich, Gregory: Water Superintendent, $6,831.07 Monthly.
Pentecost, Michael: Asst. Water Superintendent, $31.37 Hourly.
Keating, Michael: Water Operator II, $27.15 Hourly.
Kopecky, Shannon: Water Maintenance Specialist, $25.69 Hourly.
Pretasky, James: Water Maintenance Specialist, $21.44 Hourly.

Waste Water

Ramsey, David: Waste Water Superintendent, $3,152.80 Bi-Weekly.
Stensland, Kevin: Asst. Waste Water Superintendent, $29.50 Hourly.
Lammers, Drew: Waste Water Operations Supervisor, $25.96 Hourly.
Arey, Thomas: Waste Water Maintenance Specialist, $23.41 Hourly.
Furler, David: Waste Water Operator II, $22.13 Hourly.
Davis, Brandon: Waste Water Operator I, $19.58 Hourly.

* Based on a 2,080 hour work year; excludes overtime, on-call pay and shift differential.