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North Liberty recreation center

Contact the North Liberty Recreation Center for more information on dates and fees.


Family Fun Fridays
Families swim at a reduced price. Standard adult supervision rules apply.

Homeschool Wednesday Swim
Unstructured swim time for home-educating parents and children. This program provides a great supplement to a physical education curriculum and a chance to socialize with other home-schoolers.

Special Needs Swim
An open swim time for participants to comfortably enjoy the pool while having the opportunity and choice to participate in group activities facilitated by an instructor. Participants who need one-on-one assistance will require a companion to join them in the water. A certified instructor will be in the water to teach basic swimming, safety, aerobics exercise and survival skills to all participants.

No School Morning Swim
Do your kids like to play in the pool? Can’t make afternoons work? Join us for fun-filled mornings on two no-school days. Kids ages 6 to 10 years old will play pool games, learn and practice safety skills and receive a swim lesson.

Water Resistance
Exercise in shallow and deep water, resulting in low to no impact on your joints. Improve posture and core strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance and overall muscle strength in a liquid “gym.” We use a variety of resistive and buoyant equipment as well as floatation belts and Hydrofit ankle cuffs (all equipment is provided). This fast-paced class is a great way to burn calories and decrease stress.

Easy Does It
This water workout is slower paced with no impact options in both shallow and deep water. Resistive and buoyant equipment is used, as well as floatation belts for the deep water, and will be provided.

Arthritis Aquatic Program
A recreational exercise program designed for men and women, regardless of age. This class allows anyone to exercise without putting excess strain on joints and muscles while performing gentle range-of-motion exercises and stretching muscles. Participants enjoy physical benefits such as decreased pain and stiffness, increased muscle strength, flexibility and joint mobility.

Aqua Boot Camp
Fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Exercises are performed using the full length of the pool, but no swimming skills are needed. Regardless of age, size, or fitness level, you can achieve noticeable results. Whether a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or simply looking for a new workout, this aquatic adventure is for you.

Noodle Triathlon Workout
A great way to kick start your weekend! Workout incorporates lap swimming with noodle biking and noodle kayaking. Bring your goggles and come tri it!


Lucky Duck Morning Swim
This special morning open swim is for caregivers and young children. We recommend a caregiver-to-child ratio of 1-1 for infants, 1-5 for up to 3 years old, with all children within arm’s reach for safety and supervision needs.

Wiggle Worms
A “get up and move” type of class! Children will use instruments and manipulatives to explore music while getting our wiggles out by having fun dancing, singing and socializing! This is a drop-off class for children ages 3 and up.

Kinder Club
Children and nature just go together– naturally! Build your child’s inherent curiosity about the world in using hands-on sensory and nature-based activities to foster social, physical and academic development. Class will flow from active play, large group circle time, to fine motor and sensory-based activities. This includes painting, crafts, sensory tables, STEM activities, outdoor lessons, music and dance, cooperative games and fun storytelling.

Pop-up Makerspace
Kickstart your creativity with a pop-up makerspace. We believe if you can imagine it, you can make it! Participate in two hours of hands-on fun and creativity, choosing your own adventure in our free-choice environment filled with DIY materials and activities such as Makey Makey, robotics, squishy and paper circuits, science experiments, LEGO builds, arts and crafts and so much more. This class is for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Stroller Strides
Stroller Strides is a stroller-based fitness program for parents with little ones. Each 60-minute, total body workout incorporates power walking, strength, toning, songs and activities. Taught by certified instructors (who are also moms), it’s a great workout for any level of exerciser.

Spring Crafts
A 30-minute recreational class for kids ages 3 to 5 years old making seasonal crafts.


Recreational Swim Team
Is your child interested in joining a swim team but just not sure if they are ready for the competitive level? If so, our new swim team is perfect. Team members will focus on improving stroke techniques and building endurance, as well as be given instruction on flip turns and starts in an organized but relaxed environment. Minimum requirements: Must be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke.

Youth Soccer Programs
In partnership with Cedar River Soccer Association, the recreation department will be hosting soccer clinics and an outdoor soccer program for children grades kindergarten through fourth grade. Each clinic will consist of age-appropriate activities and small-sided games for boys and girls interested in playing soccer. All activities will focus on fun, individual skill development and player participation.

Junior Golf
Great introduction to the game of golf for kids. Learn skills at the Quail Creek Golf Course range and practice green. This class is for youth ages 8 to 13

North Liberty Youth Baseball & Softball and North Liberty Babe Ruth are parent-run organizations running youth baseball and softball programs. Online registration is in progress and closes March 3.


Get together for a half- or full-court pick-up game. Check with the front desk for conflict dates when programming takes precedence.
Want to learn a new game? Try pickleball, the cross between hand ball, tennis, and badminton. Open play for all, and free lessons may be given during play.
Get together and play some volleyball at the recreation center’s Roberts Gym.

Senior Dining
Every Friday, we provide the chance for seniors to get together for a catered lunch, to play an activity or just socialize with others at the North Liberty Community Center, for just $4 per person. Call the recreation front desk at (319) 626-5716 by noon on Thursday to make a reservation.

Cardio Pump
The interval training using progressive and moderate resistance with free weights combined with cardio drills in this class will help build muscle, improve cardiovascular health and reduce muscle wasting.

Cardio Kickboxing
Learn basic kickboxing combos that will help strengthen your core and improve your cardiovascular system and balance.

Boot Camp
Improve your athletic capacity and overall strength, conditioning and metabolism. Running or cross training shoes are recommended.

Abs, Buttocks, Stretching
This non-cardio class will help strengthen your core and glutes and improve your flexibility.

Body Blast
Blast your body into shape! This motivating workout is 20 to 25 minutes of low-impact aerobics to ramp up your heart rate using light hand weights. Then, 20 minutes of strength training with free weights to enhance overall body definition, increase muscle strength and tone. The workout finishes with 15 minutes of abdominal work.

Lower Body Blast
A complete lower-body focus with a low-impact cardio warm up. We use steps for lunging and light free weights for resistance.

Body Sculpt
This total-body program employs exercises to tone and sculpt your deepest, hard-to reach muscles. You’ll use your own body weight as resistance and small hand weights to really challenge and build muscles. Build sculpted abs, arms, legs and glutes.

Fitness On Demand
Your kind of workout, right at your fingertips! A touch-screen kiosk uses photos and text to allow anyone to come to the upper aerobics room, choose a specific, customized workout any time the room is not already in use and exercise to a video on an 80-inch television while using our space and equipment. This is a drop-in activity, open during mornings, lunchtime and through early evenings. You choose the time that works best for you!