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Solon school board welcomes new members

Tim Brown, Rick Jedlicka, and president Dick Schwab take the oath of office

By Eric Hawkinson
Solon Economist

SOLON– The Solon school board has welcomed some new but familiar faces.
At a Monday, Sept. 16, meeting, board president Dave Asprey and Lianne Westcot retired from service, and the newly elected members filled the vacated seats.
In an emotional resignation, Asprey publicly thanked his peers, citizens of Solon, and most importantly, his family.
“I appreciate very much my wife, Jill, and my kids who have sacrificed from time-to-time when I was not able to be there,” Asprey said. “I look forward to hopefully making that up to them the next couple of years.”
Westcot said she was grateful for everyone on the board, and administration for working alongside her to take on many issues.
“We don’t all think alike, but I’ve appreciated that everybody’s been willing to work together,” Westcot said.
Asprey added he felt very confident in the direction the board is going. Directly after, the board swore in its newest members: Tim Brown, Rick Jedlicka, and incumbent Dick Schwab. After a vote between Schwab and Brown, the board selected Schwab as the new school board president.
“Thank you, I’ll do my best for you,” Schwab said as he took to the president’s chair. “I’ll appreciate feedback as we go along.”
The board also voted to select Brown as vice-president of the board.
In the first meeting under with the new board, the board and administration listened to the administrative report from Matt Townsley. He spoke about new K-12 materials the district plans to purchase, a new design for the district website, and new ways to implement better response to interventions in all the schools.
The administration also took time to recognize strong work by nutrition director Kelly Crossley.
“Not only has she significantly changed the culture of our nutrition program, and the satisfaction with the menu, she’s also worked miracles with the budget,” superintendent Sam Miller said.
Crossley has introduced Farm-to-School in the Solon Community School District, which brings in $4,000 of funding as long as the district serves locally farmed produce. During the first week of school, students enjoyed Rebal’s sweet corn. Schwab said he’s been hearing very good reviews from parents.
“They are liking what you’re doing,” Schwab said. “And even some of them will admit that they’ll eat at school, so keep up the good work.”
Board member Dan Coons agreed.
“The sweet corn deal was a big deal at my house,” Coons said.