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Student parking problems addressed in new policy

By B. Adam Burke
Solon Economist
SOLON– Safety concerns are the top reason the Solon High School will now require student vehicles to be registered to use the high school parking lot.
Principal Nathan Wear said the change in policy comes in response to some accidents caused by students driving the wrong way.
According to the parking regulations for the school, unsafe student drivers will have their parking privileges revoked.
The parking area has a main entry in the center of the lot. Two drives are exit-only and are located at the ends of the lot. Within the lot, the main entry lane cannot be crossed and all driving through the lot is one-way only.
Wear said students are also parking in the faculty/visitor parking area near the front door. Teachers, coaches, sponsors and other visitors have been blocked from those parking spaces. Fines for students who park in the faculty/visitor area remain at $5, due within five days of the infringement.
Vehicles parked illegally may be towed and failure to pay fines will result in the loss of parking privileges.
Students can register multiple cars for no charge and are asked to place the identifying stickers in the lower corner of the rear window on the driver’s side of all registered vehicles. Unregistered vehicles or those without visible stickers will be towed from the lot.
Wear said Solon was one of the only schools in the WaMaC conference that did not track vehicles and added that most schools charge for parking registration.
He said additional signage directing traffic flow will be added when the Outdoor Events Center (OEC) is completed. A recent OEC design has a parking lot attached. The new lot, if approved by the board, will be behind the high school.
An additional parking lot may be part of the design for the OEC, allowing for additional staff parking behind the school outside of game nights.
Wear said the school used to call the Johnson County sheriff dispatcher to run license plates and idenify offenders. The sheriff’s office said they were surprised Solon High School had no way to track vehicles and would no longer perform the service.
The high school principal said his office has already received positive comments about the parking changes.