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Students happy to be in school

Public comments on in-person learning as COVID cases increase

SOLON– Solon High School students want to hang onto school for as long as they can.
A handful spoke to Solon Community School District board members during a Nov. 19 meeting, expressing appreciation for in-person learning and their desire to keep going.
Those sentiments were echoed by an almost equal number of parents present for the session, offset by the concerns of two others.
Speakers for the public comment portion of the agenda spilled into the adjacent room due to social distancing guidelines, with remarks held to a time limit.
“I mean, honestly, when was the last time you heard the majority of the student body say ‘Please don’t take us out of school,’” sophomore Oaken Foster told board members.
Foster thanked the district for having summer and fall sports.
“My friends and I, my teammates and I, are willing to do whatever it takes to follow the rules to continue to play winter sports,” he said. “It’s very important to us.”
All of the students spoke to the difficulties of online learning.
Taking calculus and chemistry is stressful, noted Erich Karsten. Having a teacher there to walk you through any problem you have makes learning so much easier, he said. As a virtual learner, he continued, you have to send an email and wait for a response.
“We are seniors and the last thing we want to do is to have our athletic careers be over from this COVID-19,” he added.
Fellow senior Nash Altman said virtual learning was harder academically and emotionally because students didn’t get to see friends and teachers.
“There’s a lot of distance between the two,” he observed.
Morale was low during online learning and students are happy to be in the building, he said.
Parents Amber Marty, Dannisha Pugh, Monica Chapman and Becky Shive shared appreciation for the district’s decision to offer in-person learning
Several shared stories of the difficulty providing assistance to home learners while still working a job.
Anne Johnson and Stephanie Edmonds shared public comment expressing anxiety over rising infection and quarantine rates.
“I’m working with nurses and physicians who are desperate. They’re desperate for us to do our part and wear masks,” Edmonds said.
People in Solon frequently forego masks and social distancing, she said, adding her concern for continued spread at Thanksgiving.
“If we want to stay in school, I think that’s so important, but we need to do our part,” she remarked. “We’re begging you.”