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NL day spa expands its services to the community

NORTH LIBERTY- It was just last November when Diane Rinehart, Jennifer Babcock, and Kristie Klever began working together at Body Bliss Healing Therapies.
But this partnership had been in the works for much longer than that.
Though they didn’t know it at the time, Klever and Rinehart attended the same workshop in Des Moines in 2010, with Klever traveling all the way from Colorado to get there.
And it was Babcock who gave Rinehart her very first massage years ago.
All three now work under the same roof at Body Bliss, located at 395 Beaver Kreek Centre in North Liberty. Rinehart and Babcock are both certified in massage therapy, with Babcock specializing in pregnancy massage. Klever practices biofeedback, a process that makes clients more aware of their bodies’ functions and how to control them.
Rinehart first opened Body Bliss almost eight years ago after spending years at an office job. After learning about massage therapy, she became intrigued and felt it was something fun she could make into a career.
For four years she worked at Bella Vita Chiropractic Center, but when the business moved to Iowa City, Rinehart made the decision to strike out on her own.
“I’ve been blessed with good clients,” Rinehart said. “And strong thumbs.”
Rinehart made the decision to add Babcock after receiving numerous calls inquiring about pregnancy massage. Though she could give the massages, she wasn’t certified in the practice. She knew, however, that Babcock was looking for office space and extended the offer to her.
Babcock began practicing pregnancy massage in 2002, in addition to Swedish and Shiatsu massage, because she wanted to make expecting mothers feel more “relaxed and joyful” during their pregnancy.
“I knew before I even had children that it would be beneficial to me and anyone who wants to become a parent,” Babcock said. “Pregnancy comes with a lot of pressures, so this helps to get through it.”
Fewer instances of pregnancy and labor complications, anxiety relief, and improved sleep are just a few of the merits Babcock lists in support of pregnancy massage, which she administers under the business name Mother’s Love.
She also had positive experiences with massage during her own pregnancy and witnessed firsthand the benefits of it. After finding out she was pregnant with twins, she received biweekly massages, which she said helped get her though the pregnancy with minimal complications.
“It was considered a high risk pregnancy, and when you’re faced with that, it’s kind of nerve wracking,” Babcock said. “Going (to massages) helped me stay calm and relaxed.”
She also hopes to give small classes on infant massage to parents next year, as well as couples classes to teach partners techniques to assist expecting mothers in their labor and pregnancies.
“I would really like to promote the idea that massage is something that can benefit an entire family,” she said.
While Babcock and Rinehart’s work is done on the outside of a person’s body, Klever specializes in what she calls “inner massage.”
Under the business name Quantum Transformations, Klever uses biofeedback, a technique that goes back over 40 years in the medical community
Klever attaches electrodes to the client, and those electrodes are able to read stressors in the person’s body. The machine can then help the body revert back to a balanced state. It’s often used to combat anxiety, depression, and even allergies.
It often takes several sessions to identify and resolve problems, though many clients continue to come in for maintenance. Klever also acts as a life coach to help clients live healthier and more fulfilling lives.
“A lot of people become more aware of what their underlying issues are,” said Klever, who clarifies that she does not diagnose or cure ailments. “We explore those issues in lifestyle and see where emotions are triggering stress.”
Eventually, Rinehart, Babcock, and Klever would like to offer packages that combine both massage and biofeedback.
“They can both be stand-alone treatments, but they can do amazing things together,” Rinehart said. “It’s all about reducing stress in the body.”
All three practitioners will offer specials for new customers during the month of January and services can be set up by appointment. Rinehart can be reached at (319) 665-4343, Babcock at (319) 330-8363 and Klever at (360) 649-7851.