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Restoration Station - smoothies, supplements and more

NL shop helps you Restore, replenish, recommit
Connie Jagnow of Restoration Station in North Liberty prepares one of her custom-made smoothies. (photo by Lori Lindner)

NORTH LIBERTY– It’s a brand new year, and a renewed opportunity to commit to healthy habits.
Connie Jagnow of Restoration Station in North Liberty is ready to help.
Jagnow’s shop at 185 Hwy. 965 in Liberty Plaza has been open for almost two years. Inside, customers can get a free wellness evaluation, learn about the many products Jagnow offers that can jumpstart fitness and weight loss goals, and order what is arguably one of the tastiest smoothies available.
If you’ve never had a cake batter smoothie for breakfast, you haven’t truly lived.
What makes it even more delicious? It’s actually good for you, according to Jagnow.
Cake batter is just one of the 200 flavors of smoothies she can concoct, and Restoration Station offers a variety of other teas and energy drinks, including some gluten-free and allergen-free recipes.
“Usually we can find something that will work for anybody,” said Jagnow.
Jagnow came to her chosen line of nutrition through personal experience. After having tried every diet under the sun, Jagnow said she reached her all-time top weight and was resigned to being there for the rest of her life.
“I fought my weight since I was 11 years old. Every time I’d lose weight, I would get off the program and gain back more than I lost. It was so discouraging. I was tired of trying,” said Jagnow. “There are so many gimmicks out there, and nothing ever stuck.”
Then she watched as her friend Dan made nutrition changes using a nationwide product and began to shed significant pounds.
“This wasn’t a gimmick. It’s sound nutrition, and that’s what sold me on it. And I just became passionate to share it with other people,” Jagnow said.
Through extensive training, Jagnow became a personal wellness coach four years ago. Later, she opened Restoration Station so she could reach even more people.
“I was really looking for a growing community, and North Liberty was one of the fastest-growing. It’s been awesome,” she said.
At Restoration Station, Jagnow starts new customers off with a step on the scale– though it’s not just measuring weight. It also reads body fat percentage, muscle percentage, the amount of visceral fat– that which clusters around the organs– and a person’s body age, which is more tell-tale than chronological age.
“From those numbers, we are able to customize a program specific to their metabolism. Everybody is different,” said Jagnow. The baseline helps Jagnow find recommended targets for daily intake of calories, protein, water and other nutrients for that individual. “They key is to find the individual’s ideal protein level. If they aren’t reaching it, their body will try to steal it from other places; from the muscles, the heart, the brain, wherever.”
Once a person meets his or her target protein levels, the protein builds lean muscle, and lean muscle burns fat, Jagnow said.
“It’s just a natural process. The body starts taking care of bringing things into balance.”
Jagnow said her nutritional supplements can help find that balance in a safe, sensible way, through a company she trusts.
“Our healthy meal is just loaded with nutrition that gets down to the cellular level. You have to give your cells the right nutrition to help them absorb properly and feed the organs in your body,” said Jagnow.
“No matter what a person wants for results– weight loss, weight gain, maintain good health or bulking up– we use the same products but in different combinations,” Jagnow said. “We have products for the digestive system, for the heart, for healthy aging, a sports nutrition line and children’s products. We cover everything from the womb to the tomb.”
People can buy products at retail or wholesale prices, with discounts based on the amount of products they purchase- between 25 and 50 percent off. For those who aren’t sure whether the products are right for them, Jagnow recommends the three-day trial pack (which can be shipped directly to the person’s home). Jagnow will check in regularly, and conduct another evaluation on the scale at the end of three days.
“A lot of people see results in three days; if not physical, usually they see an energy change, and they feel so much better. But I understand, to make a commitment or sink money into something you’re not sure you’re going to like can be scary. So that’s where I like to start people,” said Jagnow.
And once she welcomes new members, the communication continues.
“I will keep in contact as often as they need it,” Jagnow said. She encourages people to come in for regular free evaluations on the scale. She also recommends keeping track of food intake on the MyFitnessPal website– especially at first– so Jagnow can see what is being consumed, and where each nutrition plan can be tweaked.
“It’s nice to have a plan specific to your metabolism. There are a lot of diets out there that put people in the same box, but what works for you may not work for me,” she explained.
Jagnow helped Sue Mellecker of Solon get started on a plan about a year ago.
“I have lost 22 pounds, built muscle, my fat percentage has gone down and my body age has dropped,” said Mellecker, simply by substituting two meals a day with the recommended meal shakes. “Knowing your numbers is key. It made a big difference for me, and I feel so much better all the way around.”
Also important for her, Mellecker said, was having Jagnow just a phone call away.
“Connie helps you on a one-to-one basis. I go to Restoration Station because it’s a relaxing place, and Connie makes you feel so comfortable,” she said.
Jagnow can also serve as a wellness coach long distance, through Facebook or cell phone, for as long as the member likes.
It’s a level of support not typical of workout gyms or other diet programs, she said. If people buy a product but don’t know how to use it right, it ends up sitting in cabinets, unused and forgotten. “That’s the whole idea of the personal wellness coach,” said Jagnow.
For example, Jagnow prefers to demonstrate smoothie making to new members, because there are certain techniques that bring better results. Still, customers who have the products at home often come into Restoration Station to buy shakes instead, claiming that Jagnow’s shakes just taste better. Jagnow says it’s because of her special ingredient.
“I make them with love,” she laughed.
But she’s not entirely joking; hers is a relationship business as much as a nutrition business.
“We are really building relationships that run deep,” Jagnow said. At the age of 61, after years of yo-yo dieting, this has become a lifestyle change she has no problem sticking with.
“This is something I know I will do the rest of my life to stay healthy. I literally feel 20 years younger than I am,” she said.
And it’s a lifestyle she can’t wait to share.
“It’s really cool to have someone come through the door with tears in their eyes and say ‘you’ve changed my life,’” she said. “We really do get a lot of people who have reached the point of feeling helpless and hopeless, but this gives them hope that they can change. It changed my life.”