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Iowa City-area schools benefit from Mediacom’s ‘Shoes That Fit’ campaign

IOWA CITY– School age children from six Iowa City and North Liberty-area elementary schools will benefit this year from the annual “Shoes That Fit” campaign that supplies need-specific shoes and clothing to local children. The non-profit community outreach program is led by Mediacom, along with Iowa City business partner Scheels.
“Shoes That Fit” fulfills specific shoe and clothing needs matched to individual children identified by school liaisons. The donations of new shoes, boots, coats or other clothing are often the only genuinely new items available to children whose needs have been confidentially assessed.
“The program is about more than shoes,” said Mediacom’s Travis Lange, local marketing supervisor for OnMedia. “In many classrooms, teachers will see a child with only one set of clothes and a pair of worn out shoes to wear to school every day. This affects a child’s self-esteem, and it means that learning takes a back seat to embarrassment,” Lange said.
“Thanks to the active role of local business partners, we can help local children feel good about themselves. Additionally, people who donate the shoes and clothes to make this program a success will feel especially good about giving tangible assistance to meet the needs of local children,” Lange added.
Local business sponsors provide locations where community members can pick up “Shoes That Fit” donation cards. Donor cards describe the needed items and the child’s gender and size. Individual donors shop for items and return them, unwrapped, to the business sponsor. Mediacom’s OnMedia team ensures prompt delivery to the students through the school liaison. Only new shoes and clothing can be accepted.
The program is underway now through Dec. 16. School partners encourage donors to donate as soon as possible, especially to get ahead of winter weather and the need for boots and coats.
OnMedia is the cable television advertising division of Mediacom. Local OnMedia employees have coordinated the “Shoes That Fit” campaign for the past 11 years. Throughout that time, they have partnered with more than 50 elementary schools in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Newton, Marshalltown and Ames, and have donated more than 73,000 Shoes That Fit items to elementary school children in need. For more information on “Shoes That Fit” visit www.shoesthatfit.org.
Local business partner locations for donor cards and shoe drop-off are Mediacom, 546 Southgate Ave., Iowa City; Scheels, Coral Ridge Mall; Horace Elementary (Iowa City); Van Allen Elementary (North Liberty); Penn Elementary (North Liberty); Clear Creek Elementary (Tiffin); Amana Elementary (Amana); and North Bend Elementary (North Liberty).