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Retirement Village opens Memory Care wing

SOLON– The silver campus of Solon’s senior set is expanding. Solon Retirement Village has just opened 12 private rooms in a secure setting for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Carly Lippert, social services director at Solon Nursing Care Center, said that the new space is designed for people who wander and pace and will feature a key-code entry and specially-trained staff in a 24-hour care unit.
The building opened May 1 and will add a dedicated team of 10 staff members, specially trained to work with chronic confusion and dementing illness (CCDI) populations who wander and pace or can be up at night. The area was also designed for those who can benefit from a low-stimulus environment.
Solon Retirement Village was allowed to add the facility, plus a 13-bed skilled therapy center to open in July, after director Melissa Reed presented the case to Des Moines for more beds and another state license in Solon.
William Peterson Architects in North Liberty designed both additions of the new facilities.
The opening comes on the heels of a prestigious announcement about a state inspection of the both the nursing care and assisted living centers.
The nursing care facility underwent a week-long state inspection in February; the assisted living center had a shorter review last fall.
Both were given rare perfect scores after an examination of medical records, pill passing, personal care, cleaning and sanitation, hallways, rooms, diet, kitchen and food prep. For the annual review, inspectors even checked the temperature of the food and laundry water.
Solon was awarded a certificate for the exceptional state survey by the Iowa Department of Appeals and Inspections.
In July, the Solon Nursing Care Skilled Therapy Center will add 13 beds in a short-term, skilled therapy unit for rehabbing retirees’ knees and other acute ailments. The specialized therapy building is designed for patients who plan to return home after recovery and will offer occupational, speech, and physical therapy treatments.
The two-level building will house residents in rooms upstairs and maintain a lower-level therapy center for specialized nursing care, like continuous or once-per day IVs. In August, the Skilled Therapy Center will add a wound nurse to the registered nursing staff.
The new addition will round out Solon Retirement Village’s care and assistance levels, giving the campus a complete package for meeting residents’ daily and long-term housing needs and add another 10 employees to the staff.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be scheduled for the opening of the Solon Nursing Care Center Skilled Therapy Center this summer.
Solon’s Assisted Living unit, opened in 2010, has 18 apartments; Solon Nursing Care Center houses 68 residents; and the two independent living condominiums, Terrace Lane and Terrace Lane Glen, have 12 units each.
By this summer, Solon Retirement Village will employ a staff of about 120.