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Solon Idol performs on the perfect night

SOLON– The night was perfect– the weather cooled down and every mom, dad, and grandparent was in attendance. The Solon Idol show was about to start... Rick Jedlicka had his list ready to host the evening’s events. The roadies, Colin Samek and Donny Bandy, had been setting up since 4:30 p.m. and it was time to start the show.
But... the show had a CD copy glitch and needed another CD player. So as in any small town productions, somebody ran home to get another CD player.
The show started five-minutes late but was wonderful. Sami McAtee started off the night with Lucas Tener and sang a Tracy Chapman duet, only to return to the stage a few acts later and do three more songs in her beautiful country style. Kelsey Smyth and Faye Duster lined up next with a duet and then Duster stayed on stage to sing one on her own.
Next it was Leia Lensing accompanied by Holly Koffron for four-songs– that made her mama and the rest of the audience cry. McAtee, Tener and Lansing will be off to college this fall. It is hoped that they will return back next year to the summer stage. The audience was happy to hear these seniors sing in Solon just one more time.
For a short preview, the Juggling Metzler brothers came presenting their juggling best, with Rick Jedlicka as accompaniment they drew lots of applause.
Next, was Owen Erusha, second grader; he caught the audience’s attention with his perfect violin performance. The air was still and not a sound was made as this young man stood proudly and played beautifully to the crowd. Erusha was followed by his sister Angela, she has nine-years of violin training and her selection was performed without a hitch.
Noel Martin came back this year with a very polished and confident singing style, followed by Brandi Uhlenkamp who performed three numbers with confidence and a matured and strong voice. She dedicated her last song to Solon’s baseball team.
Following Uhlenkamp, was Marissa Radenbaugh and Ella Duster. This was the twos first performance in the show and they did a great job.
The band Evolution was to end the evening with their three numbers. John Radenbaugh was on guitar and vocals, Cash Turner on drums, and new to the group, Tyler Puetmann on keyboard and vocals. A crowd member commented that John had a Bob Dylan sound and that Tyler, “just blew us away.” This group came back this year with vertical height and a new confident sound. Evolution certainly opened eyes and ears about what’s to come at Solon High School for the next school year. The three judges were pleased with all the performers and commented on the talented group between performances. The judges, Bob Morris, Marv Stastny, and Chuck Panzer, said they, “can’t wait to see what the future has for each of you [the performers].” The judges continued with praise and thanks for students who shared their talents with our community, on a perfect summer evening.
The surprise of the evening was the Juggling Metzler brothers, who came back on stage with their famous trainer and did fire juggling. The crowd stepped back for safety and these two young men along with their trainer really wowed the crowd with their fire juggling performance.
The night was another huge success and had one of the biggest crowds for Solon Idol. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the performances was watching family and friends happily admiring musicians, and enjoying a positive and encouraging family night in Solon. Everyone left with a smile as Solon Idol once again pleased the crowd.