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Solon school board bumps lunch prices for 2012-13

SOLON– School lunches will jump next year in all three Solon schools and for staff.
Lakeview Elementary students will pay an additional 30¢, while middle school prices will increase 20¢, and high school meals will cost an extra 35¢. Adults will pay $3 for meals.
The increases, approved by the Solon school board last week, are expected to add $43,000 to the district’s nutrition coffers.
School board members also approved an expansion of the job announcement to replace a Lakeview guidance counselor. The advertisement now includes an opening for a facilitator with an administrative license in addition to the guidance counselor certification previously advertised.
A facilitator would be a new administrative position in the district, similar to an associate or assistant principal.
The board also held a first reading of several policy changes, including new language on “Staff Use of Social Networking and Other Forms Electronic Communication.” The social media policy will guide the district in keeping pace with some of their Internet-savvy staff, including teachers who are already blogging, tweeting, and posting online information for students and classes.
Director of technology Matt Townsley drafted the policy and said several teachers have been asking for approval for their Twitter feeds and blogs.
Another policy change will allow three international exchange students in the schools, up from two allowed previously.
An Outdoor Events Center (OEC) usage policy sets the price for outside groups who want to use the new stadium at $100 per hour for community-based groups and $175 for other groups.
Board member Dean Martin asked the board to “be careful about how restrictive we are (with the OEC usage)”, reminding the board that “the entire community is paying for this.”
“The community is going to have to be vigilant (in protecting the field),” said board member Dan Coons, who helped draft the usage policy. He said the district should be more restrictive to start, and then can relax the standards for its use.
Superintendent Miller said he would like the schools to research the cost and operation of surveillance cameras for protecting the district’s OEC investment.
Summer high school classes were also approved at the May 14 meeting. Spanish V, chemistry, computer programming, government and physical education will be offered for students with many of the classes using a hybrid format that combines online instruction with face-to-face time. Classes will start June 1.
The board also approved a new contract with the Solon Education Association that includes a 3.9 percent increase for base pay.

Strategic plan approved
For several months, the school board and administration team has been drafting a strategic plan.
When the plan was approved, superintendent Sam Miller joked that, “We should make the plan in pencil because next year we may want to change it.”
Board members agreed that, to stay relevant, the plan should be revisited regularly and should guide policy decisions.
Board president Dave Asprey said he hoped the plan would help “eliminate barriers and create opportunities.” He said the purpose of the plan is to show where the schools would like to be and guide them in that direction.