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West swimmers 124, Dubuque Hempstead 62

North Liberty Leader
DUBUQUE– West High’s Women of Troy swimming and diving squad dunked the Mustangs of Dubuque Hempstead, 124-62, Tuesday, Oct. 13, in the ponies’ pool.
Hempstead swimmers won only two events, the 200-meter freestyle and 50-meter freestyle.
Erica Hsu, Rachel Ding, Alison Hsu and Jasmin Gu won the 200-meter medley relay, Alison Hsu took the 200-meter individual medley and 100-meter freestyle events while Jena Shaver won the 1-meter diving and Erica Hsu won the 100-meter butterfly and 100-meter breaststroke. Mae Grahs won in the 500-meter freestyle, Ding took the 100-meter back stroke and Alleyna Thomas, the Hsu’s and Martz won the 200-meter freestyle relay. Martz, Grahs, Ariel Roghair and Thomas also won the 400-meter freestyle relay.
On Saturday, Oct. 24, the junior varsity squad will compete in their Mississippi Valley Conference (MVC) meet at the University of Iowa starting at 9:30 a.m. At the same time, the sophomores will have their MVC meet at the Mercer Park Aquatic Center.
On Thursday, Oct. 29, the diving regional meet will take place at Linn-Mar High School starting at 4 p.m. On Saturday, Oct. 31, Linn-Mar will be the site of the regional swimming meet. The state diving competition is set for Friday, Nov. 6, at the Marshalltown YMCA, starting at 5 p.m., with the state swimming finals set for Saturday, Nov. 7, also at the Marshalltown YMCA, starting at noon.
Results as provided by Iowa City West High Swimming and Diving
200-medley relay: 1, IC West (Erica Hsu, Rachel Ding, Alison Hsu, Jasmin Gu), 1:59.15. 2, IC West (Ariel Roghair, Alleyna Thomas, Elaina Martz, Mae Grahs), 2:03.16. 4, IC West (Natalie Shoultz, Madeline Ohl, Morgan Brunk, Katy Alden), 2:17.19.
200-freestyle: 2, Megan Arps, 2:17.67. 3, Lauren Katz, 2:18.61. 4, Shoultz, 2:20.01.
200-individual medley: 1, A. Hsu, 2:20.67. 3, Roghair, 2:27.30. 4, Brunk, 2:35.47.
50-freestyle: 2, Martz, 26.75. 3, Thomas, 26.91. 5, Mackenzie Voigt, 29.46.
1-meter diving: 1, Jena Shaver, 167.40. 4, Kaitlyn Klosterman, 146.35. 5, Allie Schmitt-Morris, 140.75.
100-butterfly: E. Hsu, 1:02.08. 3, Voigt, 1:12.69. 5, Alden, 1:16.18.
100-freestyle: A. Hsu, 59.17. 2, Gu, 1:01.21. 5, Ding, 1:05.32.
500-freestyle: 1, Grahs, 5:52.30. 3, Arps, 6:11.86. 4, Katz, 6:21.35.
200-freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Thomas, E. Hsu, A. Hsu, Martz), 1:44.66. 3, IC West (Brunk, Gu, Shoultz, Grahs), 1:54.01. 4, IC West (Arps, Erica Roth, Voigt, Katz), 1:57.75.
100-backstroke: 1, Ding, 1:15.18. 3, Alden, 1:16.71. 4, Gu, 1:19.22.
100-breaststroke: 1, E. Hsu, 1:12.66. 2, Roghair, 1:19.85. 4, Ohl, 1:28.15.
400-freestyle: 1, IC West (Martz, Grahs, Roghair, Thomas), 3:58.42. 3, IC West (Arps, Shoultz, Brunk, Katz), 4:18.80. 4, IC West (Voigt, Alden, Ding, Roth), 4:29.89.